urban exploration

Snowy abandoned residential house in rural Kajaani, Finland

This yellow residential house lies a remarkable distance away from the center of the town Kajaani, Finland. I had known this house already for many years before visiting it, but wasn’t certain whether there was entrance in. While passing by earlier in year 2014, I had noticed that the front door was hanging open. So, in late December 2014, I decided to visit the house.

It was quite cold day and the house and especially the area surrounding it were covered in snow. The front door was still hanging open, so I shot some photos of the outbuilding and the exteriors of the residential house and headed in. There was quite messy as is the case for most abandoned houses. The house was presumably built during the late 1950’s or early 1960’s and abandoned in the late 1990’s or early 2000’s. There was still some interesting findings inside, including a very old battery and an old desktop computer. I also liked the wallpaper of the living room a lot!

The little outbuilding was a bit askew…
Some hoses were hanging on the wall.
The owen of sauna was left in place, but wasn’t in a good condition anymore.
The house itself seen from the side of the front door…
…and from the other side, all the windows have been smashed. As you can see in the picture, there was also upstairs in the house, but I wasn’t able to visit there because the door leading there was jammed shut. Later I got to know that there were two rooms and also a mess there.
In the hallway there was this cupboard and, if you are sharp-sighted enough, an old electric typing machine on the right side of the cupboard.
The kitchen held somewhat contrasting colours…
Coffee and whisky
Chopping board
An old stowe
Washing sink, with only the supply for cold water.
The wallpaper in the bedroom was almost unbelievably distinguishable for this kind of house…
A narrow owen, used for heating.
This old Pertrix dry battery was a very interesting find.
Another bedroom, with as distinguishable wallpaper as the earlier.
A small desk, wooden bench and an armchair on a messy floor.
Living room…
Furniture and snow
An old desktop computer and a keyboard were sitting in the corner.
An electric socket on a green background
The wallpaper was really remarkable!
Another owen
Shoes, of course
Wintery view outside of the window and ragged curtains.