urban exploration

An abandoned residential house in Oulu, Finland

This yellow wooden residential house and its outbuilding were a target for my bicycle trip in Oulu, Finland in late February 2015. There was still lots of snow everywhere. When I first arrived, it wasn’t sure if there was any kind of entrance open to the house. On closer inspection, I found a way in and got a chance to shoot the interior of the house. It was messy, generally speaking, and not many pieces of furniture were left in place. I also visited upstairs, and in addition to being equally empty of furniture, there were some odd writings on the walls. The house was probably built in the 1950’s and abandoned in the 1990’s or early 2000’s at the latest.

First look of the house.
An open-air hangar for drying laundry.
The outbuilding…
…there was some cheap stuff still left inside…
…and of course a sauna, because this is located in Finland.
The place for wood-burning owen of sauna, the owen itself has been removed.
An entrance to a ground cellar.
Typically for old houses, there was a draw well located on the yard.
Moving closer to the house…
The other side
Inside, there wasn’t very much room in there.
Mess on the floor
Electricity panel, from the centermost device one can deduce that there was electrical heating in the house.
Kitchen cabinet doors had yellow color theme.
Another shot from the kitchen
A container that was presumably used to deliver food to the old woman living in the house.
Then I climbed these blue stairs to the upstairs.
On the far right, you can see faintly a cross and the text ‘I AM DEAD’.
More curious markings…
An old-style lantern
In this room, there were even curtains left. And a light fixture, too!
‘Under the floor of this cabinet I will be found dead’
There were some hangars left in the aforementioned cabinet.