urban exploration

Abandoned elementary school in rural Kajaani, Finland

This nowadays abandoned elementary school was built in the 1960’s for the schoolchildren in the nearby village and left without usage as a school in the late 1990’s.

I visited the place in late March of 2016. When I arrived, the yard was full of snow and the Sun was shining brightly. In addition to the schoolbuilding, there was also an abandoned dormitory for teachers and their families on the same plot. The entrance to the schoolbuilding was surprisingly easy, and I spent considerably much time inside photographing the place. The building had suffered a water damage (the cellar was very badly flooded) and wooden mosaic floors were very interestingly inclined in the vertical plane.

The dormitory for teachers and their families
The schoolbuilding
Slightly different angle to the schoolbuilding.
Another side of the dormitory
In this shot from the back of the schoolbuilding, you can see in the foreground the sports hall.
Architectural details
A sign of vandalism
Main doors to the schoolbuilding, seen from the inside.
Former classroom
Somebody had decorated the room with some furniture after the usage as a school ended.
The inclined floor
This was a classroom for making wooden things.
Other side of the room.
The electricity board for the classroom.
A room for preparing food for the schoolchildren.
Another part of the room. You can see the consequences of water damage in the form of peeling paint.
A room for teachers
Some old machines that were connected to the teaching.
Another machine
A bit surprisingly, there had also been a computer in the room.
The paint was peeling also in this room. It made a very decaying atmosphere to the room.
Teacher’s kitchen
‘The most common ore minerals in Finland’
An interesting side room along the corridor.
The inside of the room, it was empty apart from a desk and curtains.
Little room
This room was a bit bigger, but the purpose of it remained unknown.
The rightmost device was used to measure the length of the schoolchildren, but I’m not sure about the function of the other two.
Another classroom, this time with plenty of colors.
In this shot you get also a glimpse to the attic.
There was a small fireplace also in this room.
Bedframe and a fridge
The function of this room is unknown, at least to me.
Remnants of playing chess on a windowsill.
Another room with a fireplace and stairs to the attic.
The fireplace was looking odd in a way, so I decided to take a closer shot.
Another part of the room.
Then I visited the attic…
…and documented both ends of the corridor in there.
Door to a little cabinet
Old camera in the very dark backroom.
A Finnish magazine to the schoolchildren from the year 1987.
Old desks for the schoolchildren.
A pile of equally old chairs.
A very old sewing machine
An old wooden box for voting.
School magazine from the year 1983.
Time from the year 1988.
Flooded cellar

If you are still reading this, I announce that I also made a summertime trip to the teacher’s dormitory and I’m going to publish those shots as a next update to my blog… 🙂