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Abandoned elementary school in rural Kajaani, Finland Part 2

Finally, this is the second and last part of my visits to this amazing place. My second visit took place on one evening in late June of 2016. The target of the visit was the dormitory built for teachers and their families adjacent to the school building.

There was an easy way in, so I was able to shoot the interior. I have to admit that the interior was not as interesting as the interior of the school building, mainly because there was shortage of interesting little items scattered around. One thing that caught my attention was a staircase with very steep steps. It made me wonder a bit how the furniture was carried to the apartments.

My visit was situated in the evening, and it started to be late when I took last interior shots. Anyway, I was very satisfied when I had got the whole place well documented. I hope you enjoy the following photos and captions!

I started shooting from the attic.
Electric typewriter
The very steep stairs
First apartment…
Light from a narrow window
Kitchen had some artifacts left, for example refrigerator and light fixture hanging from the ceiling.
Colours of the 70’s
Oil lamp…
A closer look
A very close look revealed that the manufacturer was Tilley from United Kingdom.
Main electric panel
The stairs seen from inside the apartment.
Second apartment…
A door to WC. There was a ‘lockdown’ system in the top-left corner of the door, for an unknown reason.
The kitchen had more subtle colours than the previous.
Presumably television signal socket and ordinary electric socket.
Then I visited the cellar, which had some water on the floor…
The dressing room had some mold on its wooden walls.
A place for washing laundry, in a very old-school style.
An owen made of iron, used for heating water.
Finnish sauna and a shower attached to the wall.
The owen of sauna.
Storage room
This is from the third apartment, which was at the ground level.
This apartment had also a living room.
A little fireplace
A peculiar curtain was hanging over the window…
Another room
And final shot from a room that strongly resembles the one seen in the previous shot, but has at least differently sized window.