urban exploration

Bad-conditioned wooden house and outbuildings in rural Kajaani, Finland

This old farmyard was the target of my bicycling trip on a sunny summer evening in early June 2013. I had checked before my trip from a map that this place really did exist and then bicycled to it. When I first arrived, one of the first things I saw was that the whole yard had overgrown quite much. I also paid attention to remarkably big and heavily built cowshed. The very old residential building was situated at the rear of the plot. It was easy to see it was in a very bad condition: the whole roof had collapsed many decades ago and only the walls were still standing.

Time moved on and I took shots of the place. It was late in the evening when everything was done but I was satisfied with the results. So, I am proud to present you with the 40 shots I took from this place. Disclaimer: nowadays the whole farmyard has been demolished and someone has built a new residential house on the plot.

I started shooting from the rear of the plot.
From this angle it is easy to see that really the whole roof has collapsed.
A bit surprisingly, the house seems to have been connected to the electric grid when it was still inhabited.
Front side
The massive cowshed
Another outbuilding
Then I went inside to the cowshed.
The center of the biggest room
Another angle
A container presumably for water.
A place for heating water with faucet for cold water.
A lamp with glass shielding
A place where presumably milk has been kept cold with electric refrigeration system…
…the machinery was installed on a shelve on the wall.
Bicycle upside down and wooden tubs
This was presumably a stall for a horse.
Socket for a lamp with broken glass shielding
Another shot from the same room.
Then I went inside to the former residential house and encountered this quite interesting sight.
The door had some hints of paint still left. They were the last hints of what colour the house has been in the former days…
A hint of very old-fashioned wallpaper
Heating oven
A sign of vandalism
Outer lamp and switch for it
The front door had a bit surprisingly a door check.
Another room…
…and a little, very old refrigerator.
This room had a fireplace made of brick.
Remains of electrical wiring
Cabinet with a latch
Last shot of the residential building
Finally, I visited the other outbuilding. Upstairs there was this room for drying laundry.
Another part of the room…
…this very old sofa looked quite nice, so I took a shot of it.
A very old, nowadays rusty, container for milk.
There were these two books on a bench.
Last shot of the whole place; the cowshed lit by the Sun, that was quite near the horizon at the moment.