urban exploration

Abandoned red wooden house in rural Kajaani, Finland

This interesting abandoned house was the target of my exploration trip on a warm, sunny day soon after mid-May 2013. Although there wasn’t plenty of items inside, the color scheme of the whole place was quite sharp: the very bright colour of the outside walls (red) and the 1970’s-style bright green wallpaper of the living room. This was contrasted by still quite colorless nature at that time of the year. There was also one room in the upstairs of the house and there were some quite surprising works done by the inhabitant.

The first shot of the house from the distance.
Another side
Wooden things
Little hallway
Living room
Local newspaper from February 1985
Bright colours
Heating oven
Main electric panel
Kitchen didn’t have as bright colour scheme as the living room.
An oven had been removed from the kitchen.
Grounded socket
Upstairs, the doorway to the room was so low that one had to bend down to get through it.
The room upstairs
Small desk
A very old flashlight
Refrigerator and hotplate
A homemade light fixture…
…and a socket for it on the wall.
Collapsed building adjacent to the still standing one.
An interior peek of the outbuilding.
Sauna was located in this wooden building separate from the residential building.
Interior of the sauna.
The oven of sauna was still in quite a decent condition.
Tireless car, one day in history this has been brand new…