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Abandoned block of car repair shop in Kajaani, Finland

The history of this block near the center of Kajaani, Finland begins in year 1927. The oldest building that was still standing on the block when I documented it was a stone building designed by Finnish architect Eino Pitkänen from the year 1938. The other two buildings on the block were the light-coloured actual car repairing building from the year 1956 and additional building for the car repairing shop made of red brick from the year 1964.

I took shots of the place several times during the summer and autumn of the year 2013 to document it thoroughly before it was demolished. To the gallery below I have selected shots from visits in the end of June, late July and mid-September. Nowadays all the old buildings from the block are demolished to give way for newly constructed residential block of flats.

In this first shot from the end of June 2013 nearest is the oldest building, then to the right of it is the second oldest building and rightmost in the distance looms the newest building.
Demolition work had clearly begun, but only in small extent.
Buildings that were soon to be demolished along right side of Lunkankuja.
The newest building…
…there had most recently been gunsmith’s business in one part of the building.
Another side of the newest building.
Broader view of the same building.
With backlight from the Sun, in this shot you can see from left to right the corner of the newest building, the second oldest building and the oldest building.
The second oldest building with a ramp to drive cars in before repairing and out after it.
The newest building shot from yet another angle.
The next visit happened in late July 2013…
…by then, the second oldest building had been torn to pieces. Interesting detail is the piece of thatch on the ground.
Red brick
Empty windows
The Sun and the supporting structures of the newest building
Now it was easy to see inside of the building. It was, surprising to lesser extent, empty.
The newest building looms over the demolition machinery…
Another angle
The oldest building was intact.
The last visit was in mid-September 2013. By then, the oldest building was still intact but the two newer ones were completely gone…
Lunkankuja was far more narrow than usually…
A tank for presumably diesel used by the demolition machinery.
Only parts of the foundation were still in place.
The oldest building seen from distance.
A closer look
At this moment, it was still debated what to do with the oldest building seen in this shot. Few weeks later they decided to demolish it too, because it was so bad-conditioned and moldy inside…
Emptiness before new era

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