urban exploration

Abandoned elementary school in Northern Norway

This yellow abandoned elementary school is located in Northern Norway. I’m not sure about the year of construction of this school, but it presumably is somewhere in 1950’s or 1960’s. Additionally, I don’t know the date when the school was left without use, but it probably is at least 15 years to the past from the date when we visited the place (late July 2018).

It was really hot summer day when we visited this place. Our visit was quite short, but I got plenty of shots from the place. To put it together, the place was interesting even though time and vandals had done some damage to the building.

First exterior shot
The school had been used as a shooting location for a movie in the past.
Another exterior angle
Colours inside
This room had a fireplace.
Light streaks
Peeling paint
Corridor with yellow and red painted walls
Another window
There was a rugged curtain left in this room.
Green and yellow
Part of the school seen through a window.
Items on the floor
Another instance of rugged curtains
Graffiti and tags in a corridor.
Smaller room
Storage shelf
Large room…
…it was quite a mess on the floor.
Dusty stairs
The roof had fallen off…
…and revealed the attic to open skies.
Open-air window
Back to lower floors…
Corridor, again with the yellow-red color scheme.
Light blue and red paint on the wall
Washing sink
Light outside
Last shot of stairs
Light switch and a place for some electrical device
In the second floor, the light came in to the long corridor from the unboarded windows of the rooms.