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Abandoned red wooden cottage in Rautavaara, Finland

After I had noticed this place earlier in the year 2018, I decided to visit it some day. So, in late August 2018, I made a trip to explore this place. At the beginning it looked like there was no open entrance to the house, but after we went to the backside of the house an open door was found. The interior was surprisingly intact, and some furniture was still in place. The house hasn’t been connected to the electric grid even when it was still inhabited, and the only sources of artificial light have been a gas lamp and candles. There was even no telephone line to the house, so the inhabitant(s) have really lived very old-fashioned life.

I don’t exactly know when the house was built, but it was probably left without use in the year 1986. To put it together, the house was quite interesting to explore but not very time consuming because of its small size.

From left to right, a very bad-conditioned outbuilding and the house itself.
The red paint had lasted surprisingly well, it was probably because the house had been surrounded by forest until the recent years.
A curtained window
The house and trees
Roof of a little terrace had fallen down.
On the right, you can see a doorway leading to the other room. The whole house had only these two rooms (and the hallway, of course).
Wooden bench
Another side of the largest room
There was only a small amount of natural light inside in the biggest room because of the curtains…
…for the smaller room the situation was better.
Living room
The curtain as a centerpiece
Interesting cardboard box on the floor on the left side…
Then come the details. Here is an work of art on the wall of the living room.
Peek inside the cardboard box
Baking oven door
A little cabinet on the wall
This chair was the same colour as the bench near the beginning of this photoset.
Then some closeups from the inside of the big cabinet in the bigger room. In this shot there is an alarm clock.
The gas bottle was documentedly replaced in the year 1966.
Remains of kitchenware
Mickey Mouse
The newest sign of living in the house: a newspaper from July 1986.

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