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The current state of Maanselkä railway station in Sotkamo, Finland (as of July 2020)

This old (built in the 1920’s) railway station has been familiar to me for several years: the first visit happened in autumn 2007. Back then and for several years after that, there was an easy way inside. The interior was quite interesting (the building was made of logs, and the original logs were visible in many areas inside), even though there wasn’t much furniture left there.

But, when I visited the place once again, this time with my parents, on a rainy day in July 2020, we noticed that the front door wasn’t open anymore. Also, other doors were shut tight.

The second last visit I made was in November 2018, and then the doors were still open. There was less than two years between the visits. The exact reason for this blocking of all the entrances is not known, but it could be that someone tries to prevent vandalism and conserve the building to future generations (the tin roof is still in quite a good condition, so the conservation effort seems to be quite plausible).

During our visit, there were short breaks between showers of rain, and during those breaks I managed to shoot some photos of the railway station itself and also of the equally old storage building. There was also a water tower made of brick on the area, but it was demolished some years before the year 2020 apparently because of security concern the crumbling and tall structure caused to freight trains passing by.

Storage building hadn’t seemingly changed since the last visit.
The railway station itself. The things that had changed since the last visit were the plastic sheets on the windows and a new piece of timber in front of the front door.
The front door and the surprisingly heavy and impressive stairs below it.
Another blocked entrance on the other side of the building.
The other side of the building as a whole.
Lastly, the storage building seen from the back.

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