urban exploration

Abandoned elementary school in Kajaani, Finland

The history of this place begins in the early 1960’s when it was built to serve as a school for schoolchildren nearby. It was an elementary school for 6th to 9th graders.

In summer 2015, the wing for 6th graders was under demolition. After hearing from that, I decided to visit the place. It was easy to enter the building due to the demolition. I documented the inside, where were a lot of tags and graffiti, which were made by the schoolchildren with permission during the last schoolday before the summer holiday.

Nowadays the whole school complex is demolished and a new school has been built on the site. I didn’t get a chance to shoot the demolition of the rest of the complex, but I got some exterior shots during my summer 2015 visit.

The sports hall
The school complex was a one-story building.
Part of the wing that was demolished later, in 2017.
The main door
A sideways view of the 6th grader’s wing under demolition.
First shot inside
Light switches were clearly from the early 1960’s.
Locked door
On left-hand side of this corridor there were some toilets…
…here is a interior shot of one of them, you can see that electricity was still running for some reason.
Back outside, in the facade you can see the name of the school and the most colourful graffiti in this place.
A long corridor shot through a window glass.
An unusual view: an empty classroom covered with graffiti.
Walking to the rear of the 6th grader’s wing…
The whole wing
The wing that was demolished later.
The rear of the ‘main’ wing.
Back inside the 6th grader’s wing.
A fan
An uneven classroom
More tags
A classroom without a blackboard
A long room, which was presumably used as a music classroom.
A poster made by the schoolchildren against school bullying was crossed by blue paint during the last schoolday.
Another poster against school bullying, with almost the same fate.
Another long corridor
Faces and handprints
Fuse panel, somebody had taken the main switch.