urban exploration

Two abandoned houses in Kajaani, Finland

This place consists of two houses which were located adjacent to each other.

The first of the houses, which was located nearer the road passing by, was quite interesting in terms of exploration: there was an easy way to get inside. When I visited, it was early evening in late June, and the light from the Sun, which was relatively low in the sky, was really beautiful especially when it created streaks and patches on the walls of the house. The house was presumably built in the late 1950’s or early 1960’s and abandoned somewhere around year 2005.

The other house looked to be in very good condition from the outside, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get inside. I shot some exterior photos and left the place. The house was somewhat similar in style with the first house, and probably left without use at around the same time.

Both of the houses were demolished later in the year 2014, the same year when the shots in this gallery were taken. The empty plot was used to build some small blocks of flats.

Front of the house I was able to get inside.
Sideways shot
Moving towards the rear, where the entrance was located…
The colours inside were interesting. There was also some furniture left around.
An old-style electrical socket
Light from the window
Another room with a different colour theme.
Desks and chairs
An old oil burner, presumably the source of heat for this house in the wintertime.
Kitchen, somebody had messed up the wall behind the electric stove.
Cabinets of kitchen
An electric on-off switch for the oil burner
The daughter in the house had presumably horses and ponies as a hobby.
Main electric panel
Very beautifully lit stairs upstairs
A very Finnish thing: a sauna.
Lobby upstairs
Daughter’s room. There was surprisingly much of furniture left.
Deducing from burned candles and ash on the table, somebody has played spiritism here.
Jungle wall
In this room, the painting job had been interrupted before finishing. Also, there is a very beautiful light in this shot.
Narrow side room adjacent to other rooms upstairs.
Lastly I visited the cellar. There was not very much to see, but I documented it though.
The other house with no entrance.
The rear of the house