urban exploration

Yellow mental hospital, somewhere in Finland. Part 2

This is the second part of the series of explorations I made to this place. It contains interior shots of the hospital building. There was pretty much to see there, so there are plenty of photos, but I hope you find them enjoyable!

A view from the top level of main stairwell, the big window was incredible.
Stairwell at the level of second floor.
The long corridor, which I anticipated to be included in this building during the previous visit…
Large dayroom, the tiled floor reflected the thoughts of the era this place was built. There were some beds stored in the corner…
…and this empty billiards table. Perhaps win-win situation?
Quite narrow room with washing sink and some furniture…
…there was this sticker about capacity change in insulin syringes on the door of a small fridge.
This space was lastly used as an office of some sort.
Two windows
Kitchen at the end of the long corridor.
Former patient room…
…there was this small desk and a chair left inside.
Another kind of room with two windows
This was also a former patient room…
…the desk was still in place, but the chair was missing this time.
Side stairwell seen from the level of the second floor.
Two types of hangers for clothes.
This narrow room led to a phone booth for patients.
Barber’s chair and a hair dryer
Bigger room. There have probably been two beds when the building was still a mental hospital. One has to remember that the latest use was as a nursing home for the elderly…
Side room with some furniture and a fridge.
Another dayroom
There was even a bed and two lamps left in this former patient room.
It was getting dark when I found two isolation rooms at the end of the long corridor.
Interior shot of the first room, it looked like the walls were stylished after the mental hospital closed…
Open doors
Outer door to the second isolation room…
…and the inner door.
The interior was barren as in this kind of spaces generally.
The feeling inside was not in fact bad at all, probably this was because this place used to be a mental hospital for tranquil patients…
Smoking room
Presumably a dining hall.
Central kitchen
Former doctor’s reception room, the paint had peeled from the ceiling and ended up on the floor in a photogenic way.
Office space next to the former doctor’s room.
Small room on the first floor.
There was a greater extent of decay in this room. Generally the building was in remarkably good condition.
Small desk
Some kind of workshop in the basement.
The boiler room was badly flooded.
Main electric station, the electricity was not running anymore. This was a change compared to my first visit in May of the same year.