urban exploration

Yellow mental hospital, somewhere in Finland. Part 1

This mental hospital was built in 1956 according to a plan established by Finnish architect V. Nortomaa. There were 108 beds in this hospital for patients who were easily controllable by medication. In even the earliest days of this hospital there was little need for electroshock therapy or lobotomy because psychotropic medication was invented in the mid-1950’s and was started to be used also in Finland.

The hospital served it’s original purpose presumably until year 1991, when many of this kind of institutions were shuttered in Finland. After that, the hospital building served as an old people’s nursing home until the year 2010.

I visited this place in May 2016. Then the electricity was still running in the building, so I didn’t take interior shots because I was afraid of some kinds of alarms. So, this gallery contains only exterior shots. The second gallery is coming soon…

General view of the hospital building.
Moving closer…
Big windows above main entrance.
Peek inside, some structures were installed to handrail to assist in the moving of wheelchair-confined patients in between floors.
Another look inside
From this picture you can see the lights were still on…
I walked around the building…
…this is the rear part of the hospital.
The whole building in one shot. The building was quite long, so I anticipated that there must be a long corridor inside…
Forest and the building
Back to front side.
Yet another look in, everytime I shot this kind of photos I did it on different stairwell.
Two balconies
Vertical shot of the big windows and the main entrance.
Nearby was this small transformer booth, which served electricity to the old hospital building.