urban exploration

Abandoned elementary school in rural Sotkamo, Finland

This quite interesting place is located on a quite a big hill somewhere in Sotkamo, Finland. I visited the place during a partly cloudy evening near mid-May of 2014, soon before the leaves burst out on the trees. There was no entrance to yellow school building itself, but I was able to get inside outbuilding. The outbuilding contained bathroom, sauna and some space for storage. Additionally, there were some old cars lying around the backyard. The atmosphere was nearly peaceful, but there was still a little tension because of the philosophical meaning of the location…

First glimpse
Dormitory wing for teacher(s)…
…and another wing for a classroom.
Outbuilding had some moss on the roof.
Tires and some rusty things
End of the classroom section of the building
View of the school building from the backyard.
Rest of the building shot from the backyard.
First of the old cars…
Steering wheel
The same car shot from the rear.
Last old car was in far worse condition than the first.
Unknown object
Back to the school building itself. The other outer door was open, but the inner was locked.
Moss on the stairs
A closer look
Outbuilding from a new angle
Newspapers on a bench and firewood
Local newspaper from October 1991
Items left behind from the last bather.
The electricity was not running anymore…
…but natural light from the window was welcomed warmly especially when shooting the place.
Former heat
The sauna was in surprisingly good condition.
Artistic shot of oven of sauna
Waterless WC
Narrow room used for storage.